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O Vello Bodegueiro was created out of the dream and passion of Don Elisardo Lago in 1965. Since then three generations had carry on this vocation and tradition to handcraft in a unique way one of the best albariños of Valle de Salnés.

The figure of Don Elisardo give the name to our winery and to our main wine, as a tribute to a way of living and feeling the albariño, a wine that since the first grape bund in june until its harvest in september is treated with the greatest love and care to achieve an unique and limited production of a wine that surprise palates.


Our wine strains have more than 50 years, together with the younger ones, make our vineyards, situated in the land of valle Salnés in Pontevedra, where the unique climate conditions are perfect for the production of this kind of albariña grape.

Each year our grapes are taken care of very closely, with an exhaustive dedication until it's harvest in september, that supervision is performed by Consello Regulador de Rías Baixas whom guarantees a product with the greatest quality.

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Logo festa alabraiño cambados

Logo festa alabraiño cambados

Logo festa alabraiño cambados

Logo festa alabraiño cambados

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O Vello Bodegueiro is a family winery which elaborete an albariño wine of the higest quality since 1965. That same year it eared the First Prizeat the well-known Fiesta del Albariño de Cambados, which was followed in 1966 & 1968 two Second Prizes, and in 1971 & 1974 again two well deserved First Prizes, as well as other awards.

Despite it's trajectory being interrupted in 1975, the Lago's family proudly remember how in 1979 King D. Juan Carlos I rewarded Don Elisardo Lago, the founder of O Vello Bodeguero, the recognition of Caballero de la Orden del Mérito Agrícola and in 1988 the Amigos de la Cocina Gallega named him Bodeguero Mayor de Galicia.

In 1999, Don Elisardo, full of awards and recognisements reopen the family winery with even more experience and strength to delight friends with his young tradictional albariño. Four years later in 2003 he recive the Medalla de Oro in Albarousa, Villagarcía de Arosa.

With more than 50 years of experience , awards and the unbreakable desire of the Lago's family for oferring one of the greatest queality wines makes O Vello Bodegueiro one of the references in the albariño's world which exports all over the world.

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